Our Trusted Representatives

Sr Theresa Abigaba

Sister Theresa Abigaba is a Catholic Nun of the order of Banyatereza sisters. She is also the Director of the Good Shepherd Special Needs School in Fort Portal, western Uganda. Sister Theresa a teacher, has studied in both Uganda and UK obtaining an M. A. In Special Needs Education from the University of Manchester.

Her dream was to build a school for children who had a special need, the children receiving no schooling. With the help of Helping Uganda Schools (HUGS) her dream was realised when over 10 years ago they funded a school in Fort Portal which has become a shining example of how a school should be run to meet the needs of these children.

R.E.A.CH, together with HUGS funded St Gabriel’s House on the site of the school.

St. Gabriel’s House has given the children, without a home, somewhere nice to live where Sr. Theresa cares for them in a happy and secure environment.  R.E.A.CH also provides funds for these orphaned children to attend school. We have also linked them to a school, of the same name in Bury, Lancashire.

Sister Theresa works tirelessly on behalf of the marginalised and vulnerable with compassion and love and R.E.A.CH feel privileged to have her as one of R.E.A.CH Trusted Representatives.

Sr Evangelista

Sister Evangelista Mirembe is a Catholic Sister who lives and works in Lira, northern Uganda- East Africa. A qualified teacher, counsellor with skills in project management. R.E.A.CH and Sr. Evangelista worked together to empower the vulnerable, especially women and children.

Sr Evangelista says:

I work with organisations that offer opportunities in human-centered fields such as poverty reduction, social justice, human rights, and empowerment of the vulnerable in society both locally and internationally.

We have had good time in working with R.E.A.CH and we very much appreciate the pro-people approach of R.E.A.CH that has resulted in many lives of people being touched.

R.E.A.CH Charity has been and is still instrumental in supporting the following; both financially and morally (in Lira, northern Uganda-East Africa)

The below activities have been accelerated and handled by Lydia and Denise, living in UK

· Paying school fees for the poor children who would have otherwise missed out on formal education.
· Supporting the; Lira Women Sustainable Livelihood Promotion (LWSLP) group in ensuring food security and, improved nutrition through vegetables growing.
· Enabling the women to train and have improved income through the sale of wedding cakes and vegetables.
· Encouraging sharing of ideas through women group’s get together/fellowship hence empowerment of one another.
· Fostering Family Support Initiative (FSI) in that people in abject poverty have several times received food and clothing at household level.
· Also, R.E.A.CH was the only consolation of the very poor women in the women’s group as finances were provided to buy food during the COVID-19 lockdown in Uganda in 2020.

Sebastian Walswa

Sebastian Waiswa lives with his wife, Victoria and children in Jinja, east Africa, Uganda. He is a teacher and works hard to make life easier for the vulnerable in his community.

Sebastian is the Executive Director, ‘Jinja Organisation of Parents of Deaf and Disabled Children’ (OPDC). He is passionate about helping all children who are ‘differently able’ especially children with sensory needs.

His role is to go into the outlying villages and identify children who cannot attend school for reasons of disability or difficult financial circumstances. The charity Helping Uganda Schools (HUGS) have worked with Sebastian for many years and together they are just completing a school in Jinja for children who have a special need.

Sebastian is committed to making the world a better place for marginalised people. He helped to set up ‘The Sight Restoration Project’ when he found children who could not attend school because of sight difficulties. Because of his work many children in Jinja can now see.
Sebastian is compassionate, energised and motivated.

His work with R.E.A.CH includes identify projects that are sustainable and create opportunities.

1) R.E.A.CH support Rose who is differently abled and lives in very poor circumstances in a village with her son Peter. R.E.A.CH send over funds and Sebastian makes sure they have food and clothing.
2) R.E.A.CH have supported a ‘PADS Project’ to enable young girls to have sanitary wear to give them dignity and the opportunity to stay in school.
3) R.E.A.CH have sent over funding for the community to start a ‘Piggery Project’ This is hopefully self-sustaining and will be life enhancing for those involved.

Sebastian makes things happen and is a joy to work with.

The new school in Jinja called St Francis De Sale will be a primary boarding school and will accommodate children with sight, hearing loss and those with a physical need and children who are able. Sebastian also hopes to have a clinical area where children can be assessed and treated for sight and hearing loss.

His hope is to run a vibrant school where children will be happy and enjoy learning. R.E.A.CH will be linking in to see if there are more small sustainable projects to be developed. It is an exciting time for both HUGS and R.E.A.CH.

Ronald Kamoga

Ronald Kamoga lives with his wife and two children on the outskirts of the Kosovo Slum community in Kampala, Uganda. He is the Executive Director and founder of the Community Empowerment for Village Development Uganda-CEFOVID. It began in 2011.

Ronald works in ‘The Kosovo Slum’ which was started, ‘’To respond and challenge the causes and consequence of vulnerability within the slums of Kampala”. The site of the Kosovo used to be a swamp area and during the rainy season is often flooded.

Ronald holds a certificate in Health as a business(HAB),Certificate in child protection, level one certificate in digital competence and a General community activist and B.Commerce (Finance). Ronald is committed to projects that are life changing and encourage the development of skills that lead to self-sufficiency.

With financial support from R.E.A.CH, Ronald has started many life changing projects : (As part of the Kosovo Education Project)

• R.E.A.CH have funded the ’Joy of Learning’. A project which pays for a teacher to work with children who would otherwise receive no education. A meal is also served as many of the children arrive hungry.
• R.E.A.CH have sent funds during Covid crisis.
• R.E.A.CH have paid for a Water Pipe so a family can have clean water to prevent water born diseases.
• R.E.A.CH have funded a Liquid Soap Making Project for Kosovo Women development initiative.
• R.E.A.CH have funded a ‘Toy Project’ to enable children to play.

Ronald is passionate about improving the lives of those who are marginalised. He works hard to empower and change lives for the better.