This project began in 2017 with Sr Evangelista (trusted advisor) based in Lira, Northern Uganda.

In Uganda life is hard, and families live in poverty, often the children do not receive an adequate diet and do not attend school. It is very difficult for a family to move out of poverty. This project was set up with the goal of providing an opportunity to break the cycle. It is important that we do not foster dependency, but work with people to empower them and work towards sustainability.

We support a small number of vulnerable families so that they are able to feed and educate their children.

Kellen’s Family – Kellen was identified by Sr Evangelista in 2017, she was a single mother with 5 children (abandoned by the father of her children) really struggling to make ends meet and feed/educate her family. We agreed to financially support her and we have funded the education of 3 of her children through school for the last 4 years. We receive regular updates on their progress, they are so delighted to have the opportunity to go to school. Last year we also sent emergency funds to help buy food during the COVID19 pandemic.

Joyce’s House – Joyce and her 5 children were another family in need. Working with Helping Uganda Schools (HUGs) we built new living accommodation for Joyce and her family back in 2019. This has provided security for them all. The children’s education is supported by HUGs donors but we have also continued to provide additional humanitarian support through the pandemic. 

Rose and Peter – Rose and her son Peter live in Jinja in extreme poverty. Rose is physically disabled and she struggles with daily life. We have provided funds to make emergency repairs to their home and make life more comfortable with furniture and bedding. Peter’s schooling is funded by HUGs. We have provided humanitarian support through the pandemic and hope to build Rose and Peter a new home in the near future.

The main aim of this project is to empower and improve the lives of families in Uganda.