Costs vary depending on the child’s age. The older they get the more expensive it becomes. As an example, £12.50 will pay for a primary school child to attend school for a month.

No. No one involved with the charity takes a wage or claims expenses etc.

We aim to raise between £8000 and £10,000 each year.

The charity was originally started in Bury (Lancashire) and the charity started life as ‘Bury African Outreach’ back in 1992. Many of our regular donors still live in the area. However, the current trustees no longer live in Bury so in 2023 the name was changed to ‘R.E.A.CH’ as we felt this would allow us to run the charity more effectively. We now have donors across the UK and afar.

Approximately 70% comes via monthly direct debits and the rest comes from fundraising events.

Yes. The country is rebuilding itself after years of civil unrest and is now beginning to thrive as a popular tourist destination. Many tourists visit Uganda to visit the endangered Mountain Gorillas.

Yes…please do. You are welcome to visit our projects and meet the trusted advisors. Please contact us for travel tips.